An Electronic Silent Spring – March, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer


An Electronic Silent Spring

March, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer


Dear Friends and Colleagues:


Please make use of these great new resources:

1. British MD Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe has posted a wonderful report, “Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: A Summary by Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe.” The December 2014 version is called Working Draft Version 1. This report includes definitions, studies and policies related to EHS.

2. Dr. Mallery-Blythe’s Summary is a fine companion to her talk, “Children, Radiation and Health.”


3. The French National Assembly mandated significant, protective policies on January 28, 2015.

4. For a list of other actions taken by governments around the world, please see Chapter 9 in An Electronic Silent Spring, “Slingshots at Goliath.” I have also posted this chapter.


The Environmental Health Trust also posts a great list of policies that support protection regarding EMR exposure.

5. On September 14, 2009, the U.S. Congress’ Appropriations Committee held a hearing about the Health Effects of Cell Phone Use. At one point, Senator Arlen Specter asked Dr. John Bucher, Associate Director of the National Toxicology Program at NIH, Is there “a potentially greater risk” when children use cell phones?


Dr. Bucher replied, “There is a potentially greater risk.”

If this risk has decreased since 2009, I’ve not read about it.

Rather than risk harming our children’s health and minds, for starters, let’s first, do no harm and not install Wi-Fi or pass out iPads in schools.


If you missed it, please also see my model letters to schools and teens about wireless tech.


April 7, Tuesday, at 7pm, I will speak at Colorado Chautauqua in Boulder. My talk will focus on “harmful interference” that wireless technologies can cause to medical implants such as deep brain stimulators (for Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders). In many ways, this talk is a collaboration between me and geophysicist, electrical engineer and implant patient Dr. Gary Olhoeft. FYI, according to NIH’s estimates in 2000, 8-10% of the population has a medical implant (i.e. cardiac pacemaker, insulin pump, cochlear implant, etc.) The talk will be recorded. I’ll post it with my April newsletter.


April 9, Thursday, at 10 am, I will speak at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon. This talk, “20 Years of Breaking News Rarely Covered: The Public Still Deserves to Know,” will also be recorded and posted with my April newsletter.


April 11, Saturday, at 2pm, I’ll speak and sign books at Tsunami Books in Eugene, OR.


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Thanks to everyone who’s getting informed about these issues and taking steps to reduce their use of electronics and exposure to EMR,


Katie Singer

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