Int’l Hot List

Hot List #2: great videos from around the world


jimmy gonzales 2Cell Phones Cause Cancer: Attorney Jimmy Gonzales speaks from experience; 8 min. video.


hugh taylor2Baby Safe Project: Dr. Hugh Taylor, Yale Medical School’s Ob/Gyn Dept. Head, warns pregnant women and children to keep away from cell phones and Wi-Fi; 7 min. video.


UntitledWatch this 1 1/2 minute video to see a baby illuminate what smartphones do to human society


gmGerald Mitchell Speaks at the California State Assembly Against Senate Bill 649 in July, 2017


erica mallery blytheChildren, Radiation and Health: Erica Mallery-Blythe, MD outlines studies that convincingly demonstrate EMR’s harm.


broadcast bluesBroadcast Blues




resonanceResonance: Beings of Frequency


take back your powerTake Back Your Power


Merchants_of_DOUBTMerchants of Doubt
This documentary shows how the tobacco industry intentionally misled the public about the health effects of smoking–and how “merchants of doubt” use similar tactics to mislead the public about climate change. Watch this film with Mobilize (about the telecom industry’s refusal to post labels about cell phone radiation levels on their phones) or Broadcast Blues (about a Colorado community’s fight against TV and radio broadcasting antennas).


smart meterApplied physicist Dr. Ronald M. Powell on “Smart” Meters
worthwhile papers for every concerned citizen


birds and batsImpacts to Birds and Bats Due to Collisions and Electrocutions from Some Tall Structures in the United States: Wires, Towers, Turbines, and Solar Arrays–State of the Art in Addressing the Problems by Dr. Al Manville


Wireless Industry Safety Failure Introduction
Read about it here


wifi actionsSchools, Unions and PTA Actions
The Environmental Health Trust has compiled a spectacular list of schools, unions and PTAs that have taken steps to ensure healthier school environments