A Model Letter To School Superintendents, Principals, Board Members, Faculty, Staff and Parents from Anyone Concerned About Children’s Health


A Model Letter Drafted by Katie Singer
To School Superintendents, Principals, Board Members,
Faculty, Staff and Parents
from Anyone Concerned About Children’s Health

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To Superintendent ____, Board Members, Faculty, Staff, Parents and Students:
I/We write with deep concern for the health and wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff.
I/We believe that computers and the Internet bring great benefits to education. Recently, I/we have learned that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by wireless technologies can harm health. In fact, underwriters A.M. Best and Lloyds of London advise insurance companies not to ensure against damages to health caused by wireless devices. Swiss RE rates exposure to electromagnetic fields higher than any other emerging risk.1
Because children’s skulls are thinner than adults skulls, and because their brains are still developing, children are especially vulnerable to EMR emitted by cell phones, Wi-Fi, routers, cell towers and other wireless technologies. 2,3 Pregnant teachers4 as well as students, staff or parents with medical implants (i.e. cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps or deep brain stimulators) are especially vulnerable.5
Digital cell phone users who begin using a cell phone as teenagers or younger increase their risk of brain cancer by 420%.6 For every one hundred hours of cell phone use, the risk of brain cancer increases by 5%. For every year of cell phone use, the risk of brain cancer increases by 8%.7
In 2006, schools in Simcoe County in Ontario, Canada installed Wi-Fi. At least fourteen of the District’s students became ill with speeding heart rate, fatigue and headaches. Two teengers had cardiac arrests and went on heart medication. “Now,” Rodney Palmer, spokesman for the Simcoe Safe School Committee, reported to Canada’s Parliamentary Standing Committee on Health in 2010, “every school in Simcoe County has its own defibrillator, as though teenage heart attacks are normal.”
Whenever possible, I/we believe in practicing First, Do No Harm, especially regarding children.
To operate, iPads require EMR-emitting routers in classrooms and in our homes. In buildings or homes with metal roofing or aluminum siding, the EMR emitted by wireless devices gets trapped and intensifies occupants’ exposure.
When computers and Internet access are hardwired, users are safer.
What else could we do to educate our community and reduce our EMR exposure? In Germany, students can measure their phones’ EMR emissions with “phantom heads,” then compare these emissions with government standards and lists that describe the kind of adverse health impacts expected with exposure to such radiation. France has recently banned Wi-Fi in nursery schools and on school grounds. A Bay Area physician has offered an EMR-lowering protocol that has resulted in significant improvements in the behavior, sleep and digestion of children with autism and ADHD.8 The Israeli Supreme Court is considering banning Wi-Fi in schools. To address its 24 million Internet-addicts under 18, China has established 250 military-style boot camps. To prevent addictive behavior and support developing brains, the Taiwanese government will fine anyone who exposes children under two to television, an iPad or any other device with a screen $2000.)
Thank you for your work in creating a healthier world for our children and ourselves. Thank you for considering these issue.
Your Name(s)

[1]. http://mieuxprevenir.blogspot.com/20122/12/swiss-re-will-not-re-insure-mobile.html; “Emerging Technologies Pose Significant Risks with Possible Long-Tail Losses,” Best’s Briefing, Feb. 14, 2013.

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[4]. www.babysafeproject.org; a 7-minute video featuring Dr. Hugh Taylor, MD, head of Yale Medical School’s Ob/Gyn Dept., warning pregnant women and children about the dangers of exposure to radiation from cell phones and Wi-Fi.

[5]. See testimony from geophysicist, electrical engineer and Parkinson’s patient Dr. Gary Olhoeft in Katie Singer’s An Electronic Silent Spring (Steiner Books, 2014) and in the Intro Packet on Medical Implants at www.electronicsilentspring.com/primers/medical-implants/

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[8]. http://www.electronicsilentspring.com/calming-behavior/


Further Resources:
Kaiser Permanente warns that too much screen time is associated with children’s violent behavior, poor school performance, lower reading scores, sleep disturbances, obesity and later tobacco and alcohol abuse. Kaiser suggests limiting screen time to less than two hours per day for teens, less than one hour per day for children ages three through twelve, and no screen time for children under three. (A.M. Tobin, “Limit screen time for healthier kids,” at www.kaiserpermanente.org.
The BioInitiative Report, co-edited by Dr. David Carpenter, MD and Cindy Sage, MA, posts 1800 studies about the non-thermal effects of exposure to EMR: www.bioinitiatve.org.
The UC/Berkeley School of Public Health’s Dr. Joel Moskowitz posts new studies about EMR at www.saferemr.com.
Resources for people concerned about childrens’ EMR exposure. www.emrsafety.net
“Mobilize,” a film about cell phones and the telecom industry, is available at www.mobilizemovie.com/
“Cell Phones Cause Cancer,” an 8-minute video from attorney Jimmy Gonzales. www.electronicsilentspring.com/gonzales/
Citizens For Safe Technology Society posts a flyer about symptoms that have been associated with exposure to Wi-Fi. http://tinyurl.com/nblewa7
Katie Singer’s An Electronic Silent Spring (Steiner Books, 2014) is a well-referenced overview about how EMR exposure impacts health and wildlife. It presents telecom rules and regulations and possible solutions. www.electronicsilentspring.com.

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