An Electronic Silent Spring – February, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer


An Electronic Silent Spring

February, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer


Dear Friends and Colleagues:


Please note:

1. I’ve posted a Facebook page. I’m also posting on my site,, and at

My site and blog now have Intro Packets for Energy Use, Filtering and Shielding, EMFs from Cars, Powerline Problems and Rules & Reguations.

If you’d like to be notified when I post on Facebook, please sign up here.

2. For Informing School Communities. I’ve posted a model letter that anyone can revise as they deem fit and send to their school regarding concerns about wireless technologies on campus.

3. For Teens. I’ve posted a model letter that parents can revise as they deem fit and give teens (and younger children) who want a wireless device.

4. The Internet Consumes Energy. Jane Anne Morris tells exactly how much bicycle pedaling we need to power the Internet.

If data centers (which need LOTS of air conditioning) were a country, they’d rank fifth in use of energy.

5. Car Talk. In January, I interviewed Dr. Gary Olhoeft and Dr. Bill Bruno for an Inter-Occupy teleconference about EMR emissions within cars. A whole new (tin) can of EMF worms opens up.

6. Great Videos:

* (7 minute video with the head of Yale Medical School’s ob/gyn dept. warning pregnant women not to use wireless tech.)

* “Cell Phones Cause Cancer” (8 minute video with the late attorney Jimmy Gonzales.)

* “Radiation, Children and Health” (hour-long talk with British MD Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe.)

* Attention All Parents: Does your child have any of the following symptoms during or after school?


* “Radiation Soup” I gave this talk in New York last October for the International Forum on Globalization’s Teach-in.


If this work is useful to your community, please let me know. Please go to and look for the donate button in the lower right column.


Thanks to everyone who’s getting informed about these issues and taking steps to reduce their use and exposure,


Katie Singer

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