Radiant Times – February 26-, 2016

Joe and Cindy 2-26-16

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Notes from readers:



But airplane mode won’t protect him. A cell phone that is brought within
several feet of me affects my heart immediately, even if it is in
airplane mode, and even if it is turned off. Taking the battery out
gives me instant relief. I have confirmed this over and over.

Hi Katie,
Something that was clarified to me, I’ll pass on. The notices that come
with phones about the testing separation distance apply to the body (or the
rest of the body), but *not *to the head. Of course, they should apply to
all parts of the body and head in my view, but that is not what the FCC
intended. They assume the head has the “spacer” of the external ear to
keep it the needed “safe” distance away.

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