Katie Singer’s “Smart” Meter Testimony

Katie Singer works with Citizens for Fair Rates and the Environment (CFRE) to intervene in PNM’s proposal to install “smart” electric utility meters in its service areas in New Mexico. Her testimony, and other case documents, can be found using the directions below.

You can search for a case on the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission website here:

Username: webguest
Password: webguest1

Then, six items down on the left-hand side under the main menu, click on ‘quick case search’.

Where it says case number, put in: 15-00312 and click GO.

Now click on the case number on the left-hand side (blue link under case #)

There are three green tabs at the top. Click on the Case Documents tab.

Toward the top it lists the number of records and the number shown per page, make sure the number shown is larger than the number of records if you want see to the beginning of the case.

Click on the title of the document that you wish to see.

Click on the document #, to the right of Document Path.





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