An Electronic Silent Spring – June, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer

An Electronic Silent Spring
June, 2015 Newsletter from Katie Singer

1. Check out my new report, “Safer Solar Power.”

It describes how some inverters and net meters can generate magnetic and radiofrequency fields–and it presents solutions for keeping solar-powered buildings safer.

2. “Aiming to First Do No Harm: The Education of Electronics Users,” the talk I gave at Colorado Chautauqua and in Eugene, Oregon in April, is now available for radio stations. The talk describes the history of regulation of electronics and electronic interference commonly experienced by people with medical implants. (N.B.: in 2000, 8-10% of the American population had an implant–i.e. a cardiac pacemaker, insulin pump or deep brain stimulator. Walking through metal detectors, driving a Prius, being near “smart” meters…can reprogram or shut off some medical implants.)

Your public radio station can play the talk alone–and follow it with a live interview with me and/or local activists.

Or, play the talk with Q and A sections recorded in Boulder and Eugene–for an entirely pre-recorded one-hour show.

If you’d like to schedule me for a live interview, please email:

3. I’ve begun connecting the dots between reducing energy use and reducing EMR exposure. The Pope is halfway there: check out his Encyclical, which calls for reduced use of air conditioning, among many other things. FYI, data centers, which store website data, require so much air conditioning that if they (data centers) were a country, they’d rank 5th in use of energy.


Check out “The Power of Wireless Cloud” from The Centre for Energy Efficient Telecommunications in Melbourne.

4. Questions to ask family members, neighbors and friends (then sit back and listen for thinking to be revealed):

Do you think wireless technologies like mobile phones and Wi-Fi are safe?

Do you think they’re safe for pregnant women and children?

Do you think pregnant women should limit their EMR exposure?

          If so, what limit would you recommend?

Do you know Yale ob/gyn Dr. Hugh Taylor’s recommendations?

          View them at

Do you think parents should limit infants’ and children’s EMR exposure?

          If so, what limits would you suggest?

At what age do you think mobile phone usage is safe?

Do you know about Kaiser Permanente’s recommendations?

          No screen time for children under 3; less than one hour per day

for children 3-12; less than 2 hours per day for teens.

Do you think people can get addicted to using mobile devices?

          If so, what are the signs of mobile device addiction?

What would you suggest for preventing tech addiction?

What would you suggest for someone who is addicted?  


Please report any worthwhile conversations.

5. Do you know how to turn off your Wi-Fi (until you get hard-wired Internet access)? Type in, then hit enter. This’ll take you to your modem router. Give your password. At “wireless set up,” you’ll have the choice to enable or disable. You can restore Wi-Fi the same way.

Please note that this method only works for some routers. Until you get wired Internet access, the best method is simply to unplug the router’s power cord.


Thanks to everyone who’s getting informed about these issues and taking steps to reduce their use of electronics and exposure to EMR, If you’d like to help keep this newsletter going, please donate! Please go to and look for the donate button in the lower right column.


Katie Singer

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