An Electronic Silent Spring – February, 2016 Newsletter from Katie Singer

An Electronic Silent Spring
February, 2016 Newsletter from Katie Singer


** Check out “The Cloud Begins with Coal” by Mark Mills, CEO of the Digital Power Group, a spectacular report (from August, 2013) about how much energy electronics and the Internet require. Hourly Internet traffic now exceeds the annual traffic from year 2000. Everything that produces, stores, transports, processes and displays data requires electricity. Current attempts to reduce energy use–i.e. solar power–can generate harmful electromagnetic radiation and, moreover, give us the idea that we can use electronics as much as we want.

I’ve also posted a 1999 piece in Forbes based on an earlier report by Mark Mills.

          Referencing info from Mills’ paper, I will speak in Eugene, Oregon, at the Environmental Law Conference about “The E-lephant in the Room: How Electronics Impact Climate Change” on Friday, March 4, 2016 at 8:30am in the Gumwood Room of the Erb Memorial Union. My talk will also explore info about the hazards of common “solutions” that reduce energy use, i.e. CFLs, (most U.S.) solar power installations, the “smart” grid and hybrid cars. The conference is free.


** TXTNG KLLS. DON’T TEXT & DRIVE. Allstate, the insurance company, has launched a campaign to help families pledge to stop texting and driving. With references from Virginia Tech Transportation, etc., Allstate notes that texting takes your eyes off the road for an average of five seconds. At 55 mph, that’s like driving the length of a football field–completely blind. Car crashes caused by texting and driving kill an average of ELEVEN teens each day and injures 330,000 people every year.


** Every household needs tools for self-regulating electronic use. In this post-holiday season, I keep hearing stories about children whose behavior became erratic after they started using (and becoming addicted to) digital toys. I also hear that Dr. Toril Jelter’s protocol to reduce EMR exposure, and Dr. Victoria Dunckley’s electronic fast restore children’s calm behavior, sleep and digestion, including when families live on a military base or in an apartment complex. Please read and visit

          And Please Note: Anyone can try Dr. Jelter’s protocol and/or Dr. Dunckley’s Reset Program. You can try these at any age, whether or not you have autism or ADHD.


** Streetlights are changing around the country, including, perhaps, in your neighborhood:


** A committee at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon has begun considering posting signs to warn people that they are approaching an area with high levels of electromagnetic radiation, which may cause a medical implant to malfunction or shut off. Students may participate in measuring areas for high EMR levels, and in posting signs.

For more info about electronic interference and implants, check out:


** Dr. Joel Moskowitz gave a talk about studies linking cancer and cell phone use for the Collaboration on Health and the Environment. Dr. Moskowitz is a researcher at the UC/Berkeley School of Public Health.

Check out Dr. Moskowitz’s most popular posts and newly posted studies about EMR exposure:


** I keep hearing questions about dentistry. Dental Truth, a newsletter published by Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions (, publishes stories that link some metal dental materials with health problems, including oral galvanism. To begin, dental materials are commonly made with alloys that include mercury, nickel and/or palladium. (Yes, mercury is still legal. Because mercury is less expensive than composites, some federally subsidized clinics may only use amalgams to fill cavities.) Porcelain and gold crowns and bridges may include highly toxic nickel, palladium and/or berylium. Same-day crowns (made in the dentist’s office, not at a lab) may result in gum-line cavities.

DAMS recommends finding a dentist with a small practice; who protects patients and herself when removing mercury; whose waiting room does not have Wi-Fi or plasma TVs; who is aware of problems with root canals, same-day crowns and toxic metals in the mouth; who has a working relationship with a lab that makes crowns and bridges without metal, For better dental health, check out Oil Pulling Miracle by Brigid Frohm.


Instead of re-inventing the wheel each time you need resources about EMR and screen-time exposure, make use of resources at

* The “Get Informed” section has 20 intro packets on all manner of subjects.

* “Int’l Hot List” includes spectacular talks and papers from around the world.

* “Katie’s Hot List” includes talks and papers I’ve given since my book came out. My cartoons are also posted here. Several people have asked to use cartoons on their fliers. If you’d like to do so, please write me about how you’ll use the cartoon, and make a donation ($50 suggested).


Traveling to the Environmental Law Conference and recording my talk about e-lephants will cost $650. Would you like to contribute to this endeavor? PayPal can take donations.

Or, if you’d like a tax deduction, the Electromagnetic Radiation Policy Inst., a 501c3 where I consult on educational programs, can receive your check: EMRPI, attention Janet Newton, PMB 117, Marshfield, VT 05658; 802.426.3035; Tax ID # 300.198.811.

Want to read An Electronic Silent Spring? Despite claims, the book is in print.

If you’d like ten or more copies, I can pass on the discount that my publisher extends to me. Depending on your locale, this translates to a 30 – 35% discount in the cover price ($18), including shipping. Please contact me directly to order a box of books: katie @ katiesinger. com


Thanks to everyone who’s using electronics as safely as possible, reducing electronics usage and EMR-emmissions.

To healthier ecosystems and communities,
Katie Singer


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