Automakers Petition Congress to Criminalize Some Home Car Repairs


Automakers petition Congress to criminalize some home car repairs

April 23, 2015

A group of automakers is petitioning Congress and the copyright office to make certain types of home car repairs illegal. The Auto Alliance, composed of 12 major car manufacturers, made a push on April 22 to stretch the Digital Millennium Copyright Act to cover some electric and computerized components on vehicles so that any work on them would be violations of the automakers copyrights.

Home auto repair is a less expensive and often more effective way of fixing and maintaining automobiles. It supports a multibillion dollar industry that includes part manufacturers and retailers, tool stores, and countless hobbyists. If the Auto Alliance is successful, there’s no telling what type of negative impact it could have on the economy as a whole, but you can bet it won’t likely be good.


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