WiFi and Health

Dr.Karl Maret, MD, with degrees also in electrical engineering and biomedical engineering, former researcher in the Canadian Armed Forces and expert in electromagnetic fields, talks about Wi-Fi and EHS. Wi-Fi has evolved to very high speeds. We are now at 1800 times *faster* speeds than we were back in 1997 with 1st generation Wi-Fi. (The higher the speed, the greater the amount of data that is transferred in the same period of time, and the greater the potential for interference within our bodies).

1997 – 1st Generation – 2Mbps (megabytes per second)
1999 – 2nd Generation – 11Mbps
2002 – 3rd Generation – 54Mbps
2007 – 4th Generation – 600Mbps
2012 – 5th Generation – 3600Mbps

Used a German dosimeter to record levels of Wi-Fi radiation exposures on an EHS child at school and correlates symptoms (headaches) to chart of Wi-Fi signals – when the Wi-Fi levels were high, the student developed headaches. Levels of school Wi-Fi are much higher than that in a coffee shop. *Human
brain has 5 million magnetite crystals/gram tissue, and these crystals absorb wireless radiation.* (10 minutes) https://vimeo.com/132039697

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