Instructions and Contact Info to Tell Senators to Vote NO on the Mobile Now Act

Instructions and email addresses for senators from Kate Kheel and

Phone numbers for senators from Susan Clark:

Email Senator Schumer’s Health Aide, Meghan Taira: (see an example email to Meghan Taira from a concerned citizen at the bottom of this post)


From Angela Tsiang:

Hello Everyone,

Apologies for the many emails on this subject, but things are happening fast.  I just got an email from Susan Clarke who says the senate votes for S.19 and S.88 could happen as soon as Monday. Susan Clarke also sent useful info. on this, which is at the bottom of this email.  She has attached phone numbers of all the senators as well as links to each senator’s website where you can send them an email.

Please see info. below for details on what actions to take regarding this (essentially you have to get your Senator to block this bill).  The first section is actions to take, written by Kevin Mottus.  The second section is actions to take, written by Susan Clarke.

AT&T’s plans for small cells:  Arunabha Ghosh, AT&T Labs’ Director of Wireless Communications, said, “If you want to use 500 megahertz of spectrum and deliver 100 megabits per second, you have to have the sites like 200 meters apart maximum, 100 meters for autonomous vehicles,” he said. “A city block in Austin is 200-250 meters. You are talking about several small cells deployed every block to support this 100 megabits per second that we need.”

With four national carriers (at least today) you’re talking about many hundreds of thousands of new small cells, mostly if not entirely in the public right of ways and utility easements, at the rate of 4 sites per block in densely populated areas.


Action to take to stop the streamlining of 5G small cell towers (everywhere including throughout residential neighborhoods)

From Kevin Mottus:


Mobile Now Act and The Digit Bill have passed out of the Senate Commerce Committee and are headed to the full senate for a vote.  They will probably be heard in the next week or two.

Call every senator’s office now.  If they feel strongly have them come to Washington DC and do it in person.  There are only 100 senators.   Tell them to ask for the Chief of Staff then the Legislative Director.  If you do not talk to them then leave a message on voicemail and send an email to the Legislative Director and Chief of Staff.  The email addresses in the senate are a set format: First name Underscore Last  For all senators contact info go to:  If the Chief of Staff or Legislative Director is not available, try to talk to a staffer and not the receptionist that answers the phone. Ask for staffer in charge of environmental or health issues if Legislative Director is not there.  Tell them how you feel about having a 5G Mini Cell Tower near or in front of your home.  Ask them to ask the Senator to block these bills.

Go to your Senators local office and talk to the director there and ask them to block these bills.

Ask them to Vote NO on Mobile Now Act S.19 and Vote NO on Digit Act S.88.

After you have talked with them yourself, you can ask for a meeting for me (Kevin Mottus) and the staffer to provide more information. You can set up an appointment for me and be on the phone or not whatever is comfortable for you.  I will likely meet with them with an expert on the phone.  Email me at with any meeting times and info.

Bill Info:   These bills lay the foundation for the Internet of Things that will require a small cell tower transmitter every couple of homes emitting high frequency 24Ghz to 90Ghz which has never been tested for non-thermal biological effects. These transmitters will be put in public right of ways with NO ability to consider health and safety.  The transmitters will be ugly, decrease property values, and expose occupants to harmful wireless radiation so basically your appliances can communicate with one another which does not seem like a necessity and your privacy can be violated even more easily.

S19 Mobile Now Act (a) Short Title.—This Act may be cited as the “Making Opportunities for Broadband Investment and Limiting Excessive and Needless Obstacles to Wireless Act” or the “MOBILE NOW Act”.

(b) Table Of Contents.—The table of contents of this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.
Sec. 2. Definitions.
Sec. 3. Making 500 megahertz available.
Sec. 4. Millimeter wave spectrum.
Sec. 5. 3 gigahertz spectrum.
Sec. 6. Distributed antenna systems and small cell infrastructure.
Sec. 7. Communications facilities deployment on Federal property.
Sec. 8. Broadband infrastructure deployment.
Sec. 9. National broadband facilities asset database.
Sec. 10. Reallocation incentives.
Sec. 11. Bidirectional sharing study.
Sec. 12. Unlicensed services in guard bands.
Sec. 13. Pre-auction funding.
Sec. 14. Immediate transfer of funds.
Sec. 15. Amendments to the Spectrum Pipeline Act of 2015.
Sec. 16. GAO assessment of unlicensed spectrum and Wi-Fi use in low-income neighborhoods.
Sec. 17. Rulemaking related to partitioning or disaggregating licenses.
Sec. 18. Unlicensed spectrum policy.
Sec. 19. National plan for unlicensed spectrum.
Sec. 20. Spectrum challenge prize.
Sec. 21. Wireless telecommunications tax and fee collection fairness.
Sec. 22. Rules of construction.
Sec. 23. Relationship to Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012.

S88 the DIGIT Bill “To ensure appropriate spectrum planning and interagency coordination to support the Internet of Things.” Is just as bad if not worse than the Mobile Now Act.  It is basically written to develop a working group that will determine how to make the Internet of Things Happen e.g. regulations standing in the way, budget, how to use internet of things in government.  The working group will be made up of NTIA, NIST, FCC, FTC, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Department of Energy, Industry and other stakeholders

(A) the identification of any Federal regulations, statutes, grant practices, programs, budgetary or jurisdictional challenges, and other sector-specific policies that are inhibiting or could inhibit the development of the Internet of Things;

(B) whether adequate spectrum is available to support the growing Internet of Things and what legal or regulatory barriers may exist to providing any spectrum needed in the future;


From Susan Clarke:


Dear Colleagues,

US FCC wants to “streamline” the approval process for DAS (Distributed Antenna System) 4G/5G ubiquitous cell towers by exempting them from the 1996 Telecommunications Act!   If 5G cell towers become exempt from the TCA, then there will be no means to stop a 5G antenna installation.  Currently there are over 300,000 large cell towers in the US! reless-life/how-wireless-works /annual-wireless-industry- survey

And the US Senate will imminently be voting on S.19 and S.88, to expand DAS 4G/5G deployment!

If such government efforts succeed, millions of small cell towers (on existing light poles/utility poles, or new ones) will be deployed everywhere, throughout residential neighborhoods.  The millimeter microwave radiation deployed will worsen EVERYONE’s health – with horrific effects for some – and will remove the remaining pollinators – the bee, butterflies and birds. It’s THAT serious.  The bees in particular will die off rapidly.

List of Senators and their info, by State:

Be sure to write and call your own senators’ offices, and also contact as many others’ as possible. Keep a record of your emails and calls, and report them to your colleagues, so we may know which, if any, senators will still need to be contacted.


Weekend email messages to senators:

  1. Introduce yourself with as much expertise as you have; if you are a constituent, say so.
  1. Explain that millimeter microwave radiation is a hazard, particularly to the eyes, brain, and skin. However, through Senate Bills 19 and 88, such radiation would be unleashed in a more potent way than all the prior usage of the electromagnetic spectrum throughout human history, combined.  This will devastate health and the environment. Therefore the Senator must oppose these Bills.
  1. Attach the four Boston Petition pages, having DOWNLOADED them first. Explain that the public health science community has tried to halt previous microwave radiation deployments, based on the bioeffects science inclusive of nearly 25,000 studies. Pulse-modulated microwave radiation is a hazard, one used since the 1950s, per physicist and retired MI6 agent Barrie Trower PhD, as a weapon.
  1. Insist on the scheduling of a public hearing prior to any vote. Tell the Aide these Bills must be blocked. The Senator is obligated to protect his/her constituents and not allow their assault by microwave irradiation.
  1. See below for more important info, before you write or call.

Monday phone calls to senators:

  1. Ask to speak with an Aide for environment or health.
  1. Introduce yourself with as much expertise as possible, and if you are a constituent, say so.
  1. Tell the Legislative Aide that you cannot have a cell tower in front of your home or workplace irradiating you with pulse-modulated millimeter microwaves, which are hazardous.  This is what Senate Bills 19 and 88 would do!  These Bills must be blocked!
  1. Insist on the scheduling of a public hearing prior to any vote.

Use the below to provide more info.

If possible, also go to your Senators’ local offices, speak with the directors there, and ask them to block these Bills.



NOTE: Do NOT tell Senate office staffers “how you feel”. You want to be effective and not waste your time, right?

RATHER, when informing the Legislative Aide (“LA”) why his/her Senator absolutely must oppose S.19 and S.88:

  1. Provide FACTS about radiofrequency/microwave (RF/MW) radiation’s adverse health and environmental effects, with a body of science nearly 25,000 studies strong.
  2. Elaborate substantively with the above, citing more than one study or set of studies (e.g., respectively NTP or Bioinitiative): at least three (3) primary scientific sources. See below, for mm microwave-specific studies.
  3. Mention that radiation from the wireless infrastructures such as are intended to be deployed by way of these Senate Bills 19 and 88 is highly unnatural, xenobiotic (foreign-to-life) pulse-modulated radiation. (If possible, say what you understand about harmful bioeffects of modulation.)
  4. Inform the Aide that this radiation from DAS – Distributed Antenna System – 4G/5G – is intended to deploy more bandwidth than has ever been deployed in all of human history, combined.  State that the 4G/5G millimeter microwave radiation intended for deployment in all residential areas near bedrooms will not only cause horrific nervous system, heart, reproductive and other harm, including immediate suffering, especially to children, elders and persons with certain disabilities: it will also kill off all remaining pollinators, first and foremost bees, in part because of their size and thus maximal absorption of mm-wave radiation.
  5. Say that scientific consensus groups have been calling halt to wireless radiation infrastructure since 1997; blue-ribbon groups prior to that time.
  6. Remind the Aide that Congress amended the Public Health Service Act in 1968, requiring that the public “be protected against electronic product emissions.”  So there is simply no room at all for S.19 or S.88 to move forward. These Bills must be stopped, as they are in overt violation of this Congressional Amendment and of the most basic duties of Senators to protect and not physically and otherwise harm their constituents and the environment.
  7. Tell the Aide that various advocacy groups for health, environment, privacy and freedom from warrantless surveillance are demanding that Congress not shove these bills through without public knowledge or consent, but rather that public hearings be immediately scheduled. If indeed the new President wishes this Government to belong to the American People as he said numerous times in his inaugural address, then hearings must be called on each of these matters in relation to S.19 and S.88: health, environment, privacy and freedom from warrantless surveillance.
  8. Remind the Aide that the electromagnetic spectrum is a natural resource in the public trust, and cannot be given or sold to corporations.

If the Legislative Aide says, “Thank you for expressing your concerns”, respond:

“I have expressed no matter of mere personal concern, but rather solely facts and law: matters rising to the level of assault, battery and other crimes against constituents and their home and external environments.  Kindly assure me you will properly note the record as such.”
Scientific papers on mm microwave radiation bioeffects:

Cellular electrodynamics in kHz-THz region:

Effects on bacteria:

Effects on skin:
Human Skin as Arrays of Helical Antennas in the Millimeter and Submillimeter Wave Range (PDF Download Available)

Fields of the cell:

Resonance effect of low-intensity millimeter waves on the chromatin conformational state of rat thymocytes:

Research on biological effects of millimeter waves: a review of literature:

View on


Email Senator Schumer’s Health Aide, Meghan Taira:

Here’s a helpful idea from a concerned citizen:



We met in 2010.  Below your last communication is appended.

I would like to speak with you this week about two related bills that are egregious and have very negative legal and public health consequences.

I don’t think that Senator Schumer understands the ramifications of these bills and would like the opportunity to explain.  He has tremendous power as the Minority Leader of the Senate.

Here are the cliff notes:

  1. S19 The Mobile Act Now Bill: This bill would exempt small cell 5G from Telecom Act.

Negative Effects:


* it  would gut local cell tower siting, local control and home rule and undermines the Telecom Act of 1996 which had preserved these functions

* Having transmitters in closer proximity increases radiation power density as proximity to transmitter is a greater source of radiation exposure than the total power output.

* So called “small cells” will force exposure to radiation in peoples’ neighborhoods that will again, per the above create levels of radiation (electrosmog) in peoples’ environments that are routinely well beyond the level of extreme concern per the Building Biology Institute Guidelines and will create routine violations of the ADA and FHA.

* People should be at a bare minimum 1,500 feet from cell towers according to the literature. Radiation drops with the square of distance, so forcing these small cells in closer proximity to people will in fact increase their radiation exposure beyond what they would get from an inappropriately sited cell tower.

* The FCC’s 2013 Request for Comment on radiation exposure guidelines has not been reviewed, so there should be a moratorium on the rollout of more infrastructure at this time.


  1. S88 The Digit Bill- This bill provides a coordination mechanism to gut regulations on transmitter siting to build out a system to connect wireless-enabled objects, the so-called “Internet of Things”.

Negative Effects:


* The Internet of Things involves having consumer items in your house that can relay information back to a hub and creates opportunities for warrantless wiretapping and hence breaches of the 4th Amendment of the US Constitution.

* Already we have learned how Samsung tv’s record conversations in one’s home and how “Alexa” data has already been subpoenaed in a criminal case.  These are privacy breaches.

* The forced buildout of the “internet of things” will create levels of radiation (electrosmog) in peoples’ environments that are routinely well beyond the level of extreme concern per the Building Biology Institute Guidelines and will create routine violations of the ADA and FHA.

* There is international guidance against such transmitter proliferation and while the trend is to reduce exposure there, the US is increasing it exponentially.

* The FCC’s 2013 Request for Comment on radiation exposure guidelines has not been reviewed, so there should be a moratorium on the rollout of more infrastructure at this time.


Both bills violate the spirit of the 1968 Public Health Service Act.


I will follow up this week.  This issue is not going away and is only going to get worse.



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