Q and A About Satellites

Q: Here in Australia, in October, 2015, the government is rolling out a national broadband network, using a mix of “wired” connections to premises (which is fine) and, for remote area, wireless Internet access by way of Wi-Fi from towers and/or satellite. Do you have any information on the dangers of satellites?

A: I gave your question to Dr. Gary Olhoeft (a geophysicist with degrees in electrical engineering as well). Here is his reply:

Satellites are too far away to be a problem. However, satellite dishes that allow two-way communication can be a problem. The receiving end is okay, but the transmitter to talk to the satellite from the ground is very powerful. Best to have a community satellite dish with lots of isolation in the direction the dish is pointed toward the satellite, and fiber optics between the dish and users’ homes and businesses.

I (Katie Singer) would add that I have heard of problems when people access the Internet wireless via fiber optics. If you use fiber optics, then to be precautionary, access needs to keep wired.

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