Radiant Times – March 10, 2016

Marshmellow 3-10-16

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From a reader:

THANK YOU for Electronic Silent Spring and for your cartoons. The least we can do, or perhaps the most, is laugh a little and bring up the vibration…

I wonder if in 1970 they tracked how much sugar the 4 year olds had in their general diet, and how the ‘average’ sugar-addicted 4 year old would do on a test like that today?

I care for a 9 month old. His mom brought a little 4 oz. carton of organic strawberry-flavored yogurt yesterday. Nutrition panel listed 9 grams of organic cane sugar! I asked her if she knew 6 grams equals 1 teaspoon of sugar. But it’s organic! Sugar is sugar, 9 times more addictive than cocaine. “Well then what should I feed him,” she replied, with a tone like it’s not her responsibility. And I think I’m going to get her to turn off her WiFi and cell phone around him?

Thank you for being you and doing the work that you do. Sometimes the journey is at a snail’s pace. We’ve got to remember everyone is at the perfect place on their journey.


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