Testimony about Microwave Sickness from a Retired Military Officer

Hi Katie, I am a 79 year-old, ex-Vietnam veteran and a military
communications officer.  I suffered microwave illness while serving in
Vietnam and have suffered such every since.

They covered the illness up in the military and all of my mates have
died from neurological, cardiovascular and haemodynamic disturbances
over the past three decades.  Many of my mates were Ham operators and
Ham operators and CB Operators were the main offenders for illnesses
pre-1980.  The US DIA made us aware of the illness in a confidential
document in 1976, but had it covered up.

I suffered an illness throughout my military career, and our Army
Medical Officers were only trained in stitching and bandaging.  And
they ignored my constant attendance to the medical centres and saw me
as a malingerer, as they had no idea what I was suffering from.

In fact neurasthenia was discovered soon after electricity was
installed into super rich and famous homes in 1880 and at the turn of
the century (1902?) the Bell Telephone Company’s telegraph switchboard
operators and linesmen all suffered neurasthenia but they thought it
was from over-work, and they went on strike.

The affects of electric magnetic fields and microwave non-ionised
radiation (EMR) (RF)were known to all as dangerous and a health risk,
but they were covered up for the next 80 years, even though they did
refer to illnesses that was caused by ELF and RF as “Bomb Happy”
during the trench warfare in France (WW1), then USN with radarman’s
and radioman’s illnesses up to the late 1960s.  The 1970s to 1980s it
was known microwave illness/syndrome.

Today the Austrian Medical Association recognise it as EMF Syndrome
and the Swedish government as EHS.

We did a survey of the deaths of all military personnel who worked in
the communications field and were exposed continuously to EMR/RF had
died from cancer (25%), heart (30%), suicides (10%), car accidents
(15%)and other (20%).

I am now suffering extreme radiation illness as my area were I live is
bombarded by mobile phones and towers, DECT phones, Wi Fi hotspot and
wireless computer/modems.

All the best with your book.

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