A Report from Australia, July 2014

Hi Kate,

Thanks for your wonderful info packed book. We in Australia are experiencing the beginning of the rollout of NBN (Natnl. Broadband Network) across the country – they expect to put up at least 2700 towers along the east coast of Aust, mostly in areas that have no provision for cable as it costs too much. The towers will be 31 metres high and probably have telecom antennas attached for several companies which will take them to 40 meters. This is in the rural areas… Madness.

They broadcast on a 2.3 Ghz frequency and will send signals up to 8klm to connect to each other – they will in a grid connected pattern. In our area which is a rural valley – the company doing the infrastructure for NBN has just approached us to put up a tower, but we as a community have rejected it (its a number of houses together in a community lot). One will go up somewhere near us, but how close or far I don’t know.

Your book and the info in there will be very useful.

Thanks muchly.

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