Reduce Your Exposure

Reduce your exposure to electromagnetic radiation (EMR) today.

  1. Make limits.
  2. Do not allow media use in your car, bedrooms or while eating.
  3. Reduce your use.
  4. Quit: WiFi, DECT phones, CFLs, digital-electric alarm clocks.
  5. Get cabled Internet access.
  6. Get corded landline phones.
  7. Get incandescent light bulbs and mechanical clocks.
  8. Protect your sleep: Do not sleep near a refrigerator or a breaker box (even if the fridge or the box are on the other side of a bedroom wall). Unplug everything in your bedroom while you sleep.
  9. Protect developing brains: Do not use mobile devices if you are pregnant, near a baby or child.
  10. Be aware that mobile devices operate at maximum power when they operate in a metal box–such as a car, bus, train, an elevator or in a building with a metal roof. Do not use a mobile device in a metal box.
  11. Learn whether you have a “smart” meter on your home or workplace, and learn your options for having it removed.