Real EMF Solutions

To protect yourself from man-made electromagnetic radiation (EMR), you need to reduce your exposure to it. Immediately, you can:

  1. Turn your Wi-Fi off, at least for 12 hours at night.
  2. Get hard-wired Internet access.
  3. Eliminate cordless phones such as DECT phones.
  4. Get corded landline telephones.
  5. Keep mobile devices OFF. Do not use them except in emergencies.
  6. Do not use mobile devices in metal boxes (i.e. cars, trains, planes, elevators).
  7. Eliminate baby monitors.
  8. If you have a transmitting, digital, wireless utility meter on your home, school or office, get analog-mechanical meter(s) restored.
  9. Hire a knowledgeable electrician (not easy to find) to test that your home’s electrical wiring is correct. If there are wiring or grounding errors, correct them. Karl Riley’s manual, Tracing EMFs in Building Wiring and Grounding, is very helpful.
    I do not know of any gizmo that protects pregnant women, children, people with medical implants or wildlife from lower frequency fields nor from higher radiofrequency fields. Given the constant deployment of new technologies, such filtering and shielding (if they could be found–affordably) would require constant measuring of EMR and constant adjusting of filters and shields.

    I therefore return to recommending my above list if you want real solutions.

    Also, as I understand, every living creature depends on the Earth’s electromagnetic fields for basic functioning. Every cell in our bodies functions by electro-chemical signals. And, man-made fields can disrupt living creatures’ basic functioning.

    Would you call bees, ants or birds that are disturbed by man-made EMR “electro-hypersensitive?” I would not.

    Are people whose medical implants malfunction (shut off) when they’re in a Prius or walk through security doors at a mall “sensitive?” Are babies “sensitive?” Are children whose behavior, sleep and digestion calm when their parents shut off Wi-Fi “sensitive?” Again, I don’t see it.

    I do see that we’ve surrounded ourselves with technologies that no one has proven harmless. I see that we continue to deploy more untested technologies (i.e. Wi-Fi in schools, iPads for every child, more cell towers, more transmitting utility meters, more broadband…). No one has tested the combined, cumulative or long-term effects of exposure to EMR from multiple devices that operate at frequency fields and amplitudes that are not found in nature.

    What happens when exposure begins in utero? (Watch the 7-minute video at for clues to that question. Check out Dr. Erica Mallery-Blythe’s Fall, 2014 talk, “Children, Radiation and Health.” Also, please review my report, “Calming Behavior in Children with Autism” to see what is possible when families reduce their EMR exposure.

    By Katie Singer

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