Here are fliers, postcards and advertisements about safer cell phone use and ways to reduce your exposure to radiation from electronic devices. Please print and distribute these widely!

From EH Trust (EHTrust.org):

Save the Girls – Keep your cell phone out of your bra

Save The Boys – Keep cell phones out of your pants pocket

Tips to Reduce Your Wireless Radiation Exposure by Dr. Joel Moskowitz

Dr. Joel Moskowitz’s “Tips” fits on one side of a sheet of paper. These “Rules” for safer mobile phone use from the Vienna Medical Association fit perfectly on the other side.

10 Medical Rules for a Safer Use of Mobile Phones by the Vienna Medical Association

Environmental Health Trust’s page on Printable Safety Cards

Flier about WiFi in Schools

Tips for Pregnant Women:

BabySafe Project Small Postcard 

BabySafe Project Flyer 

Here are other fliers, posters and advertisements from other groups:

Newspaper advertisement Smart Meters Are Here

Newspaper advertisement Wireless technologies in schools threaten our children’s health

Are Smart Meters Making You Sick? Flier 1

Are Smart Meters Making You Sick? Flier 2

Say no to PG&E Smart Meters