EMF Solutions; EMR Solutions

An Introductory Packet
Excerpts and Resources from An Electronic Silent Spring

  1. EMF Solutions
    Excerpts from An Electronic Silent Spring
  2. 8 Easy EMF Solutions You Can Start Today
  3. HUD Complaint Form for People Sicked by EMR from Wireless Infrastructure compiled by Deborah Kopald
    Deborah Kopald outlines what to do if access to your home, office, school or other critical institution is impeded by “smart” meters, Wi-Fi, a DAS antenna, a wireless cable TV system, a Wi-Max tower or city-wide outdoor hotspots.
  4. Comment for the Access Board about EMR Exposure
  5. To File a Complaint that Opposes Hotspots in NYC
    Deborah Kopald has written a template for anyone who wants to file a complaint against the proposed NYC hotspot plan.