Cell Tower Fires and Collapsing Towers

The first list is from SafeSchoolSPG.org, the second from David Stupin and the third from Walter Cooper.



Cell Tower Collapse


Worker Deaths and Accidents:


Criminal Activity


Falling Ice


Falling Debris


Other Concerning Situations:


Compiled by Dr. David M. Stupin,
retired physicist, Los Alamos National Lab
A joint project of the EMR Policy Institute (www.emrpolicy.org)
and electronicsilentspring.com

Cellular phone gear (antennas) have snapped and caused severe fires.
Towers have also collapsed due to construction errors (31%), to ice (29%),
to special wind (19%), to aircraft (11%) and to anchor failure (10%).
Here are reports of cell towers that have caught fire and collapsed.

Under the list, please find more information from science writer B. Blake Levitt
about cell tower fires and collapses.

Cell Tower Fires

Compiled by Dr. David M. Stupin, retired physicist from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

4/14/2006 Temple Hills, Prince George County, MD
7/4/2007 Howell, MI
10/2007 Malibu, CA
5/10/2010 Madison, WI
5/10/2010 Madison, WI
1/13/2011 Rancho Cucamonga, CA
1/21/2011 Poulsbo, WA
1/22/2011 Wall, NJ, Tinton Falls, NJ and Neptune, NJ
1/22/2011 Wall, NJ, Tinton Falls, NJ and Neptune, NJ (video)
12/2/2011 Lilburn, GA
12/2/2011 Lilburn, GA
5/16/2013 Middletown, NJ
5/16/2013 Middletown, NJ (video)
6/21/2013 Bensalem, PA
7/8/2013 West Salem, OR
7/8/2013 Bensalem, PA
7/8/2013 Bensalem. PA
8/21/2013 Sanford, FL
1/6/2014 Brownsville, TX
1/6/2014 Brownsville, TX
2/4/2014 Las Vegas, NV
6/16/2015 Newport News, VA

Collapsing Towers

Compiled by Dr. David M. Stupin, retired physicist from Los Alamos National Laboratory.

5/10/2003 Peoria, IL
11/2/2003 Oswego, New York
3/18/2008 La Merida, CA
1/24/2009 Wellesley, MA
11/10/2009 Torrance, CA
12/14/2009 Tulsa, OK
2/18/2011 Clinton, PA
4/4/2011 Ballard County, KY
10/31/2012 Associated Press – Hurricane Sandy takes out 25% of cell towers in US
3/6/2013 St Louis, MO
3/19/2013 Laredo, TX
5/16/2013 Middletown, NJ
5/28/2013 Copiah County, MS
7/8/2013 Bensalem, PA
7/8/2013 Bensalem. PA
7/20/2013 San Ramon, CA
10/1/2013 Willow, AK
10/20/2013 Jefferson County, MO
10/25/2013 Alascom, AK
1/13/2014 Chewelah, WA
2/2/2014 Clarksburg, WV (2 towers)
3/14/2014 North Adams, MA
3/26/2014 Blaine, KS
5/10/2014 Hudsonville, MI

For a list of videos showing cell tower collapses, please click here.

Cell tower worker deaths
Girl’s cell phone catches fire under her pillow while she sleeps

Walter Cooper’s list of cell tower collapses can be found here: http://www.anticelltowerlawyers.com/anti_cell_lawyer_1_020.htm


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Notes from B. Blake Levitt
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Such potential problems are among the reasons why large setbacks from dwellings/schools/businesses are recommended — 1500′ minimum. Check out the two videos of burning towers — one has useful info for fire departments. Looks like these kinds of fires are unusual to fight and require creative approaches. Among the causes: overheating of equipment, improper cooling, lightning strikes, and others. One industry report found that if there’s a tower, there is a 100%+ chance per year it will attract lightening. Even proper grounding does not always offset potential equipment damage/failure from such massive jolts and sudden ground current, including accessory building and generator explosions. Accessory buildings and generators contain sulphuric acid in batteries and diesel. That’s why large setbacks — 400′ minimum — are recommended for accessory buildings from wetlands. These can be complicated sites.