Cars and EMFs

An Introductory Packet
Excerpts and Resources from An Electronic Silent Spring

  1. Cars, EMFs and EMR
    A teleconference hosted by Inter-Occupy’s Sandi Fields facilitated by Katie Singer, author of An Electronic Silent Spring, with geophysicist and electrical engineer Dr. Gary Olhoeft and biophysicist Dr. Bill Bruno, January 29, 2015.
  2. Hybrid Cars and Pacemakers
  3. New cars have 30 to 50 computers, and they can be hacked so that the driver does not have control of the brakes. Check out this episode on 60 Minutes.
  4. Automakers Petition Congress to Criminalize Some Home Car Repairs
  5. Allstate, the insurance company, has launched a campaign: TXTNG KLLS. DON’T TEXT & DRIVE.