Night Lighting Question from Reader

Question from reader:




I have greatly enjoyed your emails.


I have a question about Himalayan salt lamps- are they really of benefit? They seem counterproductive because they do have to be plugged in to work…


My little boy is scared of the dark and wants his bedroom light left on (it’s on a dimmer so it can be turned down)- a nightlight won’t do it. I have greatly struggled with this…so I got him weaned to a salt lamp. I feel better about that than the overhead bedroom lights but still wonder, in general.


I limit my children to what they have plugged-in in their room to 1 thing- right now it’s a humidifier. In the summer it’s an air purifier. Their rooms are upstairs and below them, minimal things are plugged in (washer and dryer in one area and 2 hutches with lights in the other area) Should these be turned off (or unplugged as well)?


Thanks so much for your help.


Answer from Katie Singer:


Thanks for your concerns. First, I don’t know anything about salt lamps.

Dimmer switches are not good. They put harmonics on your wiring. instead, get 3-way switches.

Would your son be agreeable to keeping a flash light or another battery powered light source next to his bed? That’s the healthiest alternative I can think of.

Meanwhile, do keep as many things unplugged while you sleep as possible. Also, take care that a bed is not on the other side of a wall from a breaker box or a fridge or some other appliance. If so, move the furniture.

Best of luck,
Katie Singer

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