Medical Implants, Electronic Interference and the Library of Congress Catalogue

According to the National Institutes of Health, nearly 10% of the American population has some kind of medical implant: a cardiac pacemaker, an insulin pump, a deep brain stimulator, a cochlear implant, etc. While writing An Electronic Silent Spring, I heard many stories about electronics interfering with medical implants: these devices can malfunction (shut off) when they’re near “smart” utility meters, in electric cars, around too many people with mobile devices, etc.

When my publisher registered my book with the Library of Congress, we learned that its catalogue does not include the following terms: medical implant, cardiac pacemaker, insulin pump, deep brain stimulator or electronics interference. Neither does the National Library of Medicine’s catalogue.


It’s too late for my book; but is there a librarian who could submit a request to these libraries to add the above terms to their catalogues?

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