Questions for Radio Show Hosts

The following questions illuminate the kinds of issues that Katie Singer is qualified to discuss.

1. We’ve had electricity since the beginning of time. We’ve had a man-made electrical power grid for about 135 years. Isn’t electricity part of nature? Lightning’s one example. Don’t we need electricity? What’s the problem?

2. How’d you get into this?
Answer: Section 704 of the 1996 Telecommunications Act, which prohibits municipalities from allowing health or environmental concerns to interfere with the placement of a cell tower.

3. How did our FCC determine that cell phones are safe?

4. I’m wondering how this test relates to the first chapter in your book, An Electronic Silent Spring, You report on a brain tumor cluster in the political science department at San Diego State.

5. Which segments of the population are especially affected by cell phones, Wi-Fi, cell towers, “smart” meters?
People with medical implants
people with Microwave Sickness

6. Let’s focus on people with implants. How are they affected?

7. What about children? Every kid in the country is being given an iPad.

8. What about wildlife? Are you going to say that bee colony collapse is related to wireless technologies?

9. Let’s look at workers.

10. What can we do? What realistic solutions do you have? Let’s hear solutions for individual households.

11. What do physicians say about this–say for children’s exposure?

12. And what about policy solutions? What realistic solutions do you have?

13. Where can people learn more?


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