Librarian of Congress Re Hacking

With the Librarian of Congress’ authorization, you can now hack (circumvent software controls to unlock or get access to) tablets, vehicle software, video games, wireless modems, wearable wireless devices such as smartwatches, smart (wireless transmitting utility) meters and smart appliances, smart TVs, voting machines, vehicle software (other than telematics and entertainment systems), and implanted medical devices (to access the patient’s data).

If someone wants to track and watch your child via a baby monitor, a smart phone or an iPad, they can.

Smart meters are now open for hacking.

Disabling a medical implant violates FCC Part 15 rules about implants (not yet a regulation).

If hackers take over a car, that is not yet a violation, nor is taking over an implant while a person with an implant is driving.

Will ADA requirements be impacted by the Librarian’s new ruling? Or, will the Librarian’s ruling impact ADA requirements?

Would FDA assume authority to regulate electronic devices for health and safety?

What do you think?

Here’s a blogpost from Mitchell Lazarus, which’ll take you to the Librarian’s order:

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