Strengthening Health in Virtual Times


Writing An Electronic Silent Spring taught me that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) emitted by wireless devices and common electronics can lead to cell inflammation. (See Martin Pall’s paper, “Electromagnetic fields act via activation of voltage-gated calcium channels to produce beneficial or adverse effects,” J. of Cellular and Molecular Medicine,” 6.26.13.) Cell inflammation is at the root of most diseases. I wonder: After I eliminate wireless devices (including wireless utility meters) from my home and unplug whatever electronics are not in use, what can I do to reduce cell inflammation? What can I do to strengthen my health while I live in a sea of EMR?

I have two requirements. First, whatever I try must be free or Very inexpensive. Second, it can’t create harmful side effects.

Let me state my disclaimer: I am not a doctor. I’m reporting on stuff that I believe has helped me and/or helped my friends.

To your health!

First Things First
As soon as I wake up and find myself thinking, I say thanks for the day. Thanks to my ancestors, who made my life possible. Thanks for the water, food and shelter that sustain me. Thanks for the chance to live and love today.

To “calm” inflammation (that can lead to headaches, eczema, digestive challenges, insomnia, etc.):
* Reduce intake of heated oils . I stopped sautéing my food, and steamed it instead. I made soups. I still eat plenty of olive oil, flax oil and raw butter–but I avoid heated oils, including ghee.
* Visit, an excellent site dedicated to Ayurvedic herbs and education . Take their simple quiz to learn which “dosha(s)” you are. Then, find out which foods are compatible for your dosha(s). Garlic, ginger and pepper are heating . Parsley can actually be dehydrating; and dehydration and cellular inflammation are related. When I stopped eating heated oils (and still consume unheated oils and butter) and quit heating herbs (and replaced them with turmeric, dill, mint and cilantro), my skin calmed down significantly. Drinking warm water throughout the day has also helped me keep hydrated.
* Study the pH of foods . If I’m too acidic, I get inflammation. Sugar, white flour, meat and grains can acidify a digestive tract. Organic lemon juice in water (first thing in the morning), more green vegetables…can reduce my acidity. I also like Pure Tri-Alkali (one scoop in water) to reduce acidity.

Many health care providers tell me, “Because we now live in a world that constantly exposes us to toxins and radiation, we need to dedicate ourselves to detoxifying, often, for the rest of our lives.” How do we detox? Some folks start with a hair test or a 24-hour urine collection/test to learn which toxic metals are in the body. Then:
* Remove metallic dental materials , including mercury, nickel and palladium. This is a crucial first step, since these materials are toxic on their own and may increase adverse effects of exposure to radiation. “Silver” fillings are actually a mix of (very toxic) mercury and other metals. Mixed metals produce electric current in the mouth. This “battery effect,” also called oral galvanism, can disturb the brain and nervous system. Be aware : only well-trained, well-equipped dentists who use necessary protections should remove mercury amalgams. For a list of such dentists in your area, contact Dental Amalgam Mercury Solutions at or 651.644.4572. See also Ramiel Nagel’s book, Cure Tooth Decay and his website,

Eliminate swordfish, tuna and other fish that harbor high levels of mercury from your diet . Interestingly, mercury in fish might come from coal-based power plant emissions that travel through air to fresh and salt waters.

Sweat out heavy metals with regular exercise and/or saunas , followed by bathing; and drink plenty of water. Note: Most infrared saunas generate electric fields as well as huge magnetic fields similar to levels underneath high-tension power lines. Before using a sauna, measure its magnetic fields with a gauss meter. Before using or purchasing a “low-EMF” sauna, ask for a written test report that shows the sauna’s measured exposure levels for magnetic and electric fields.

Eliminate furniture and carpets made from synthetic fiber , and replace them with materials that are less likely to become electro-statically charged. “Options to Minimize Non-Ionizing Electromagnetic Radiation Exposures (EMF/RF/Static Fields) in Office Environments.”

If you intend to conceive, eliminate wireless devices before you start trying. Also detox before you start trying , since heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides can affect a developing fetus and breastmilk.

Detox gently . This means changing habits and detoxing over the long term, rather than over a weekend.

Ellen Adair, 51, Arizona: Recently, I needed a new dentist. None of the ones I consulted would even let their hygienists clean my teeth unless I agreed to annual bite-wing x-rays, and a panoramic x-ray every five years. Also, most dentists will only make crowns made from gold or from porcelain over metal. Given my Electro-hypersensitivity (which I believe stems partly from mercury amalgams and a metal root canal installed during my childhood), I do not want x-rays unless absolutely necessary; and I don’t want any new metal in my mouth.

I offered several dentists a letter stating that I will not hold them liable if I do not take x-rays, including if my health deteriorates as a result; but they still won’t work with me. Apparently, most dentists now can’t get liability insurance unless they require x-rays.

Eventually, I learned about a dentist in Mexico who makes affordable crowns without metal. As I requested, he pulled my tooth with the metal root canal. Unfortunately, the crown he installed on another tooth irritates my gums.

I do the best I can, but given the toxins in standard health care and our environment–as well as economic constraints and liability issues–taking care of my health turns out to be an extraordinary challenge.

Jacqueline, 53, Wisconsin: After two MDs and a naturopath diagnosed me with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and extremely high metal toxicity from dental work, I took daily saunas and exercised at my local gym. Little by little, my symptoms eased up.

But then the gym got “smart” meters and Wi-Fi, and patrons arrived with 4G phones. Some people brought their phones into the sauna. I showed the gym director my doctor’s letter and asked if the Wi-Fi could be turned off for an hour each day. He said no, because that would shut down their whole computer system.

I’ve looked, but so far can’t find a gym with a sauna and no Wi-Fi.

More oral/dental care
* Blotting, which takes about 90 seconds per day, strengthens gums. It also leaves me plaque-free. Learn how at
* Oil pulling, an Ayurvedic practice, has also helped my general and oral health: I take 1 Tablespoon of organic olive oil (untoasted, organic sesame oil would also be fine) and swish it in my mouth for 15-20 minutes. I spit the swished oil into the toilet, then “rinse” my mouth with saltwater. After six months of oil pulling five or six times each week (and exposure to plenty of sick people), I have not had a cold or a flu. My dental health has also improved.

This is another Ayurvedic practice, called self-massage in English. It’s wonderfully soothing and helps keep skin hydrated. Depending on your dosha and the season, massage yourself with organic coconut, sesame or olive oil (learn more at, especially covering your neck, shoulders, hips, ankles and the soles of your feet. Then, step into the tub or the shower. Some people actually dress in funk-able clothing after self-massage, then meditate or otherwise let the oil sink in for a half hour before stepping into the tub or shower. Some people sleep oiled up (making sure they’ve got a good, oil-proof cover on their mattress…and knowing that their sheets will get oily, too). Then shower in the morning.

Washing your tub with baking soda will keep it from getting funky.

Another skin tip: Carolla’s Beeswax skin cream can restore softness to landscaper’s hands and peeled, chapped lips.

Starting the day with 20-30 minutes of qi gong has become wonderfully addictive. Then, if I can, I walk–for groceries, stamps and other errands.

I have friends who thrive on yoga and tai chi. Others use Miracle Balls or Lacrosse balls for myofascial release. (Learn more at

Find the movement that makes your body sing. Gardening requires pulling weeds and squatting and gets you vegetables. If you don’t want an exercise class, your public library probably has DVDs to borrow.

C’mon. Just do it. Get your blood circulating.

Other things that have helped my health
Essential oils are wonderful for everything from insomnia and headaches to minor cuts and bruises, sinus problems and allergies and nail fungus . My must-have oils include helichrysum, lavender, melaleuca (tea tree), eucalyptus, peppermint, and thyme. I only use organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils. I like Original Swiss Aromatics and

I grow as much of my food as possible. Here, I follow the biodynamic planting calendar, available at

I compost my kitchen scraps. Ten years ago, I bought a bucket of worms for ten dollars. I keep the pile moist–and those worms eat my garbage and turn it into great dirty for growing vegetables.

I lie on dirt and/or lean against a tree for at least a half hour once a week.

Stay tuned!
As I learn new remedies for strengthening health in these virtual times, I’ll report them here.