Question for Hybrid Drivers by a Concerned Citizen

I have been suffering from severe back pain for years now, not being able to afford health insurance and having too much non-disposable income I had to deal with the pain every way I could think of on my own. I finally went to a specialist and found out thru an MRI that I have hemangiomas that are occluding my spinal column and putting pressure on my nerve root, it has caused me severe pain, stiffness, it has interfered with every aspect of my life, especially lately.

I am sure that these tumors are the result of driving a hybrid car for ten years, my employment would require that I be in the car on average for two hours a day, I also bought the car fto save on gas for travel which I did frequently. I spent at least ten hours a trip one way almost monthly for years.

I am angry because I believe the company that makes the car is and has been aware of the danger for many year. Short;y after I bought it I started receiving offers to sell it back to the manufacturer. No reason stated, they just “needed” my car. The mileage was so good and the car was paid off I wouldn’t consider it.

Now I worry that I will spend the rest of my life in surgical procedures from tumors caused by driving this car.
I would like to now if anyone else is developing tumors in their pelvic are and they do a lot of driving in a hybrid?

Anyone with info for this driver, please respond to the contact form at:


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