Shielding Fabrics and Materials

Question from reader:

I listened to you on Coast to Coast AM and really enjoyed what you had to say. What do you recommend for blocking or absorbing material. Is there a meter you recommend?

Answer from Katie Singer:

Shielding from radiofrequency radiation is very tricky. You need quality meters and someone with experience in shielding. You also need to monitor the radiofrequencies often since new antennas can be added at any time. You also need to give attention to electric and magnetic fields. This is very complicated, and every situation is different. Beware that it is possible to intensify EMR exposure by shielding.

That said, for starters, you can rent meters from sells a package of two meters (E-M fields and the other for RFs) I think for under $300.

I recommend reducing your EMR exposure by eliminating your wireless tech as much as possible, getting wired tech as much as possible, and unplugging devices as much as possible while you sleep. Start there.

Katie Singer

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