Question from Reader about Electronics in the Bedroom

Question from reader:


Hello Ms. Singer,
I listened to your interview with Lisa on Fertility Friday podcast and I am intrigued by everything you said. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant and I am trying to convince my boyfriend to eliminate electronics from our bedroom for our and baby’s safety. I have not been successful in convincing him. There are plenty of studies about cell phones’ (and tablets’, wifi’s, etc.) harmful effects, however, I cannot find many studies on electronics in general (TVs, cable boxes, video game consoles, lap tops, etc. etc.). Do you have any  resources you could guide me towards? My Mom is very worried. She is
extremely against electronics in bedrooms. She is so worried about  the harmful effects on the baby, and so am I. I just don’t know how I can prove to my boyfriend that at least our bedroom where we sleep should be free of electronics. I would truly appreciate any guidance you can give me.
Thank you so much in advance!

Answer from Katie Singer:
Thank you for writing.  Thank you for your concerns about your baby’s health.  Every child gets only one chance at brain development, so I advise acting in a precautionary way to the best of your ability. Here are some resources for your family.  I send each of you deep respect as you get informed about these issues.

Let’s clarify that with wired electronics, and with wireless electronics, we are concerned about with electric and magnetic fields.  With wireless/mobile electronics, we are also concerned with radiofrequency fields.  You can get more information in my book, An
Electronic Silent Spring:

I also recommend

For starters, let me suggest my International Hot List:

The videos from Jimmy Gonzales and Baby Safe Project are short and powerful.

You can find thousands of studies at and at

The Bau Biology Institute offers some guidelines for making your
bedroom safer:

I also recommend  And Calming Behavior: And:

Thank you for getting educated.  I also thank your boyfriend for wanting scientific evidence about your babies health.

Good luck,
Katie Singer

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