Creative, Non-Electronic Activities


Decrease your school’s energy use.

Interview contractors about how to insulate more effectively.

Collect and publish stories from neighbors and friends about how they have reduced energy use. List their questions about reducing use.

Write and perform a play about struggling to decrease tech use.

Make puppets and a puppet theater; perform shows for younger children.

Ask seniors for their favorite songs; learn and perform them.

Invite younger children to draw pictures about their lives; take dictation from them about these pictures; make books from the drawings and stories.


Collect recipes from neighborhood elders and make a cookbook.

Interview local farmers. What are the easiest vegetables to grow?

Build a hoop-house out of painter’s tarp and old drip irrigation tubes.

Grow vegetables and herbs for the school cafeteria.

Compost kitchen scraps.

Build a solar oven. Use it to cook beans, bake bread, roast a chicken.

Learn self-help health care.

Interview doctors, herbalists and other health care providers about how to stop a bloody nose, clean a scraped knee, decrease swelling–and when to call a doctor.

Make toothpaste, soap, hand lotion.

Make a quilt, doll, grocery bag or new garment from used clothes and fabric scraps.

Play word games like Scrabble and Balderdash.