to continue the work

Dear Readers:

I published my first book, a novel, in 1999, and wrote a Reader’s Digest version about the experience of publishing.

This was before smartphones or social media.

To get an idea of publishing today, put this essay on high-speed Wi-Fi. Expenses have increased substantially. Most speaking engagements do not pay expenses let alone an honorarium. My income from An Electronic Silent Spring‘s advance and royalties totals $2,600. (By current publishing standards, this is impressive.)

My work continues. I’m writing

* a monthly newsletter.

* essays about safer tech use in schools, design flaws that cause smart meter fires and how the Internet impacts climate change.

With my focus on climate change, I illuminate how each household’s energy use impacts the environment-and what we each can do to reduce our emissions.  Given the new administration, negotiating with government or corporate leaders may not be productive.

I also frequently appear on podcasts and radio shows; connect people fighting cell towers, Wi-Fi in schools and smart meters to relevant help; and maintain a website packed with resources for people looking for referenced information about and solutions for balanced use of technology.

I have no gizmo to endorse. To continue this work, I depend on donations.

Would you consider making a contribution? I can receive donations through PayPal. Or, donations to the Electromagnetic Radiation Policy Institute, my fiscal sponsor, are tax deductible. Please address your check to EMRPI with “Electronic Silent Spring” in the memo portion of the check. Please mail the check to EMRPI, Janet Newton, POB 117, Marshfield, VT  05658. EMRPI’s tax ID # is 30.0198811. The phone # is 802.426.3035.

Thanks for your support!

Katie Singer

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