Call the House Oversight Committee

From Kevin Mottus and Rola Masri:

ASAP, Call US House Oversight Committee regarding their questioning of World Health Organization, International Assoc. for Research on Cancer (WHO/IARC) classification of substances like wireless radiation and their funding through NIH – See Reuters article attached.

Call Chairman Chaffetz and Minority Leader Cummings’s office first. Ask to speak to the staffer who works with the Oversight Committee, DO NOT TALK TO THE RECEPTIONIST. Follow up your call with an email to that person and the Chief of Staff using the standard House format ( See information attached regarding House Committee Members including their phone numbers, Chiefs of Staff email, biography, committees and caucuses they sit on. 
Call/email as many representatives as possible. We need to make it clear how important IARC is to protecting our health. Share your personal experiences if you’re ES and back it up with research and organizational findings.
If you have any questions contact me at

Don’t know what to say? This is the message I sent (but please make your own message if you can – if pressed for time use this one!):
Subject: Funding for the World Health Organization
Body:To Whom It May Concern:

It has come to my attention that the government is currently considering discontinuing funding for the World Health Organization, because of their (correct) findings that cell phones can cause cancer. As a Chief of State, you are tasked with the ability to represent the people and make decisions that move our country forward. Keeping information secret from the public and cutting funding for organizations that aim to protect and serve the people is despicable and condemnable.

The Federal Communications Comission has done absolutely nothing to protect the people – our radiation limits are much too high – 60x higher than many European countries in fact. While studies have proven that biological effects in humans, sometimes severe, can begin at 3.4 microwatts/sq. meter, the limit in the US is one of the highest in the world – a whopping 600! Cutting funding for an agency that is trying to at least alert people to this conundrum is nothing short of assault on our quality of life. It is absolutely essential that funding for the World Health Organization continue – with more funding the WHO can more closely examine the science and conduct more studies to provide a more accurate statement to our country. It’s time you think about the people, and not put greedy shareholders and profits before humanity and health,

With All Due Respect,

Disgusted citizen of the United States

TIP: Copy and paste all the email addresses into the BCC field of your email client. Address the email – To Whom It May Concern or “Dear Chief of Staff”
Forwarded message:
What we have seen is that most of these leaders have no clue that wireless radiation can cause health effects even though some of them and their staffers are getting sick. Having people call these offices makes Kevin’s work easier as it shows that he’s not the only one concerned about this issue.
Currently the House Oversight Committee is considering stopping funding of the World Health Organization that classified RF as a Class 2B carcinogen. Congress has already stopped funding EPA and FDA research of wireless health effects. The WHO is one of the last organizations left that is looking at radio frequency health effects and now it’s funding is at jeopardy as well. We think Government should be increasing funding for this type of research and not limiting it considering the increase of diseases in our country.
We are asking that everyone:
1. Call these offices
2. Ask to talk to the staffer in charge of the Oversight Committee
3. Talk about symptoms they are experiencing, the science, and what they know about wireless radiation and the importance of the World Health Organization and funding their research
4. Get the name of the staffer in charge of the Oversight Committee
5. Follow up with an email to both the Oversight Committee staffer ( and the Chief of staff
Doing any or all of these items will be very helpful to Kevin. Below I’ve copied a simple list of emails for the Chiefs of Staff and here is a chart of phone numbers and email addresses for all the Oversight Members’ offices:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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