Safer Baby Monitor Solutions

EVERYONE is talking smart meters, cell phones and WiFi – but no one is talking about the DECT baby monitors and most concerned scientists believe these devices are the very worst things out there. The nay sayers have a tough time defending those things. Chronic INTENSE pulsed digital microwave radiation 24/7 a few feet away from a new born baby for several years of their life. There is nothing worse than this – but no one is addressing this problem. WHY? One in 50 males are autistic and one can only assume that baby monitors are contributing to the problem.

Now, imagine what it would be like to pass on and come back to earth to start a new life and you have the unfortunate luck of having parents that microwave you as soon as they take you home. It starts all over again. They are just caring parents and want to keep an eye on you, so they need to be warned.
There is an excellent article on safe baby monitor solutions on Magda Havas and I highly recommend it.

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