Apple warns of cell phone radiation

Below is a Google translation of an article by Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner.  The original article can be found here.

Apple warns of cell phone radiation

Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner 08.12.2016

(Brussels / 08.12.2016) Dramatic twist in assessing the dangers posed by cell phone radiation: One of the world’s largest manufacturers of mobile phones, the US manufacturer Apple, now recommends using a headset when talking to the iPhone Activate the hands-free option. In addition, the company advises to carry the iPhone always at least 5 mm away from the body. In a message from Apple, the recommended measures are: “This ensures that the load is not above the values ​​determined in the tests. Enclosures with metal parts may alter the RF (high-frequency) performance of the equipment and adversely affect its compliance with the RF power guidelines in a manner that has not been tested or certified. “

With this, Apple reacts to measurements that have determined that the two latest products from its home, the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 plus, have a significantly higher radiation load than older models. Both products are at the so-called SAR value (specific absorption rate) at up to 1.38.

Prof. Dr. Klaus Buchner, member of the European Parliament for the Ecological-Democratic Party (ÖDP), said: “It is almost sensational that a large manufacturer of mobile phones warns of the health risks caused by cell phone radiation and their customers to use a headset . Until now, critics of mobile radio radiation have always been labeled as esoteric spinners. There are already studies that have shown the dangers of radio waves. Also, millions of people in Germany are electrosensitive. Their quality of life is severely restricted. The fact that a rethinking is now evidently taking place in a large and powerful group is likely to make it possible to speak openly about the problems that the massive spread of mobile phones entails, “the MEP said.

Prof. Buchner has been concerned with the dangers of mobile radio for several years and has also given lectures on this topic. The ÖDP politician points out that the statement from Apple that one move within the limits of the legal limits, does not say much. In Germany, in particular, the limit values ​​are much too high compared to other countries.

In order to reduce the dangers caused by radio jets, the ÖDP politician advises to use headsets during telephone calls and to conduct mobile phone calls only with good reception. The mobile phone should not be connected in the trouser pocket, in the car, you should switch off the device.

A free headset can be ordered at in the Berlin office of the MEP.

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